Therapy Sessions




Your child will work with an Occupational Therapist at school to facilitate development in areas that require support including: Handwriting, attention, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social interactions, co-ordination, play and self care.


Occupational Therapists collaborate with teachers, parents and others to identify and modify barriers that restrict a child’s success. We model strategies for others to use that will extend the benefits of direct intervention.

  • OT GO’s Therapy is play based and individually tailored to your child’s unique objectives. Common activities include obstacle courses, Play-dough, theraputty, Kinetic sand, rice, water beads, mazes, drawing, writing, crafts, construction play, therapy games and stories.
  • Children love the action and adventure of creating and completing fun activities whilst developing and working on required skills including: Gross motor development, fine motor skills, sensory strategies, bilateral co-ordination, perceptual motor development, social development, teamwork, agility, co-ordination, sequencing, strength and stability, eye-hand co-ordination, increase finger strength, manipulation and dexterity, develop finger strength, improve grip, increase thumb strength, spatial awareness, balance, listening skills and self-esteem.









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