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About OT GO

OT Go is a paediatric occupational therapy practice that provides therapy in the school setting by working with families, teachers and your child to develop and implement individually tailored therapy programs.


Therapists view ‘Occupation’ as purposeful and meaningful activity that a child chooses to engages in.


OT GO uses a play-based approach with evidence-based practice to promote development and stimulate learning in children.


Occupational Therapy can assist children to develop and strengthen the skills that support learning, play and relationship building at school and home.

Meet Occupational Therapist Amy

My interest in Occupational Therapy came from having a child with particular difficulties. Being exposed to several therapy options and seeing positive outcomes first hand, I developed a keen interest in helping other children reach their full potential.


As a qualified Occupational Therapist BAppSc (OT), I am extremely motivated to enable children to achieve their therapy goals and improve their quality of life. With an interest in paediatrics I have professional and personal experience working with families, managing complex behaviours, developing and implementing therapy programs.


I strongly believe in working collaboratively with families, schools and health professionals to support a ‘team around the child’ approach and am committed to ongoing professional development.








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